19 Tips on How to live Healthy Happy Life

We all want to live our life happily or say in today’s time many of us live with the motto of being happy. We all have different meanings of happiness in our life. As some measure, it with the success, or some with education or some might be with their bank balance. According to the survey, your adult life will determine or say decide your lifelong happiness. Thus, we all heard that the decisions taken in the adulthood are the most important part of life. The happy life can’t always be measured in terms of money as in spite of your financial status; a person can easily live his/her life happily. We can live better and can get more positive vibes through our surroundings or environment. And, for this, you just need to found your happiness in the small little things. You don’t need to change the entire way of your living, just the little changes can also be proven as a magic for you. As, to live a happy and healthy life you just need to have some patience, desire, and motivation.

So here we provide you with some guidance that is surely going to help you in the process of being happy.

1. Do What You Love

Always try to do what you love as it will make you feel free and happy. You just need to follow your passion. And, who knows maybe it can be your future carrier choice. Even we have a living example of the great legend M.S.Dhoni who follows his passion in spite of the circumstances or say problems

2. Help Others

The great achievement seems to be failed if we are not good human being by the heart. As sometimes after achieving all the success, you still feel empty inside may be because you haven’t done something for someone else’s life. And, trust me the act of helping others will lead your happiness on another level. As, the impact which we make in fulfilling other’s dreams directly or indirectly, it acts as a source of happiness for our life.

3. Be Thankful

We always have the desire of achieving something. We work for it continuously. And, under this pressure of work, we almost forget about the things that we need to be grateful for. We forget that how blessed we are. As somewhere someone may be craving for the things that we already have and the worst thing is that we are taking them for granted. We need to learn to appreciate the things that we have. And, trust me this is the best source of happiness.

4. Smile More

The smile is the key to charming and the beautiful face. The cute little smile on your face will make your entire day happy. Actually, it will be helpful to your surroundings too. Even, the smile doesn’t cost a penny. So always try to smile till you have teeth.

5. Exercise Regularly

In this modern world where we are almost covered with machines and are dependent on technologies for our work. Then, trust me in this phase of time exercise plays the really important role in our life. We can’t claim that it is only for the people who are obsessed with their bodies but actually it is for everyone who wanted to be really happy, and healthy. It will make you feel happy, relaxed, and more productive at work.

6. Eat better

Food- the name is enough for bringing the smile to most of the faces. But it becomes a real challenge to have that same smile with the name of food when you’re sick. At, that point we develop an allergy towards the food. But trust me when you eat right and healthy, you feel better in both the way either it is physically or mentally.

7. Spend Time with Your Loved Ones

There can be nothing better than having a quality time with the person we love most. Our complete day tensions, the pressure, all these things just flew away when we are with our loved ones. And, trust my life seems to be happy and complete with every moment spent with them. 

8. Sleep more

Enough sleep is one of the most important aspects. As, it will help you feel fresh, relaxed and ready for the next tiring day task. It will help you in your daily challenges and enable you to do your best possible work. The exact seven hours sleep can be the reason of your whole day smile. 

9. Think Positive

Positive thinking always acts as a motivation for us, while negative thinking always makes us feel low. Therefore we need to replace our negative thinking with positive for a better happy healthy life.

10. Give More Gifts

When I say gifts, then trust me it doesn’t mean the expensive or the luxury gifts. Anything with which you a feel strong connection, which help you, express your feeling more can be proved as the best gift for anyone. Sometimes a poem or a thoughtful message can brighten someone else’s day, which a thousand dollars gift can’t.

11. Take a Walk in Nature.

Sometimes spending some time out in nature can be really refreshing and relaxing, and this tour becomes more important when you are living in a polluted artificial manmade world. Then trust me the fresh air of nature, and the green parks act as a saviour.

12. Be Yourself

You should always live your life in the way you loved to. You are not born to copy someone off to live some others life. We all have unique personalities and talent, and you just need to reflect on it. And, trust me your talent is enough to make you live a happy life.

13. Control Yourself

Have you ever think that this little word “control yourself” can be the toughest thing? Maybe not? But trust me, it is. It needs a lot of dedication and patience while controlling your own attitude and reactions. But, once you have a control over it. Then, trust me there is no one who can steal your happiness.

14. Don't Compare with Others.

The comparison can be termed as a nightmare. As we all are born with our special qualities. Then, the comparison acts as a villain in our lives. It makes us feel low and unhappy. Therefore it’s time for the change and to take a step in a way of stopping this comparison.

15. Don't Pride

Pride always makes a person weak. And, in this situation, there is no benefit of any apology or forgiveness. In this here is always a chance of having conflicts and unhealthy relationship.

16. Don't try to please everyone.

There is a rule of nature that we can never make everyone feel better. And, if we do so, then trust me there is a 100% chance of compromising with our own happiness. Therefore, there is no need to please everyone always.

17. Meditate

Meditate can probably be the best change a person can ever have in its life. A regular addition to meditating can prove itself really beneficial for the body, memory or say for the entire living.

18. No guilt.

Life can be really tough in living with guilt. So it’s time to say sorry for every mistake we make, it’s time to forgive and move on. Remember we are humans we make mistakes. But the right decision is to resolve them.

19. No fear of failure. 

It’s a rule of nature that if you try something new there are equal chances of failure. But, it doesn’t mean you lose. It can be marked as a new trial or a new chance of making our experience and life story more better.