How to write Description for Youtube Videos

The first and most important thing YouTube asks from video creator while uploading a video is to provide a title, tags, and description. These three things are the core value of any YouTube video. I have already discussed titles articles here and now we will discuss cover descriptions, which are the main key to both engaging viewers and boosting the search engine rankings.

The YouTube description simply needs a detailed overview of the video's content- It attracts viewers and not only to help viewers understand what they'll be watching, but also plays a major role when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). YouTube is considered as one of the major search engines in the world and writing a description having the right keywords to help viewers find the videos much faster and easily through searches.

Strengthen your Description

To help viewers find, learn, about, and decide if they'd like to watch your video, the description field is amazingly beneficial. There are commonly two parts of the description the first one is -- What viewers get to see before clicking "Show more" and what they see after. The first few lines should always be on the priority of the description to describe the main element of the video because it is what viewers will see first. Another element is to add other key information about your channel, metadata and even links to social networks or you specific website below in description so that viewers can learn more.  Here is another key point that you can even create a default description that helps in the auto-populates key channel information in all of your videos upon upload.


Possible actions you'll take:
1. Offer an outline of your video using language -- not simply a stream of keywords.
2. Place the most vital keywords toward the start of your description.
3. Determine 1-2 main words that describe your video and have them conspicuously in both your description and title.
4. Take care every video features a distinctive description; this makes it easier to search out through search and helps it stand out from similar videos.
5. Use the primary few lines of text to clarify what the video’s concerning using search-friendly keywords and language.
6. Use the rest of the text (what shows up once they click “Show more”) for further info like what your channel’s concerning, social links, etc.
7. Fill during a description once uploading new videos.
8. Writing unique and specific descriptions for every video could generate higher results.