What is Digital Marketing – Types of Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is the marketing of any product, service or brand via one or more forms of electronic media like the internet, mobile phones, display advertising, and another digital medium. The digital marketing techniques like Search engine optimization (SEO), Search media marketing (SEM), content automation, influencer marketing, content marketing, data-driven marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, campaign marketing, e-mail direct marketing, display advertisement, e-books, optical disks, and game are taking a remarkable place in our advanced technology. Many people want to know what is digital marketing so find meaning and definition of it.

There are two types of Digital Marketing Pull marketing and Push marketing

1. Pull Marketing

Pull marketing is the marketing strategy to draw customers to a brand through marketing tactics like search engine optimization (SEO) and other methods. The main goal is to increase the consumer’s awareness of the brand and products. Some common pull marketing examples of pull marketing are websites and other internet-based mediums. Inbound marketing is also known as pull marketing. Although this means of digital advertising is not as easy to personalize or track, it is still effective and powerful nonetheless. Inbound marketing can prove an important tool in the constant holding of existing customers, by establishing more regular communications with those customers and allowing companies to interact with customers by providing information, education and awareness content as well as product promotions. To explain it better here is an example, companies that market insurance can educate buyers on the home-owning experience as well as attempt to sell various forms of insurance. The advantage and disadvantage of the pull strategy go with one another. Additional steps are involved here, for the potential customer. But, if they are occupied, there is a higher percentage chance that the potential customer will buy or opt-in.

2.Push Marketing

The promotional strategy supporting business efforts to their message ahead of their probable customers while not them having a need or interest to buy the product or learn more regarding its called Push Marketing. Push marketing is used to push the marketing information directly to potential customers. The most common examples including SMS, email, and RSS targets the customer with a customized message. Another name for push marketing is outbound marketing. It is easy to track, monitor and measure the relative efficacy of the marketing. The targeted benefits of the push marketing are that it especially targets “warm prospects” or the people who are already on your list. It aims your niche. , along with that, you can personalize the message. The difficulty of push marketing is that it reaches a lesser audience and usually takes more time, money and effort to put together.

Digital marketing targets a particular section of the customer base and is interactive. Digital marketing is on the progress and includes search result advertisement, email advertisement, and other promoted tweets, something that combines marketing with customer feedback or a two-way interaction between the company and client.
A key digital marketing objective is engaging customers and permitting them to move with the brand through servicing and delivery of digital media. This can be achieved by planning digital media in the way that it needs some sort of user action to look at or receive the motive behind that media’s creation. As an example, to receive a free e-book, a client could be needed to register or fill out a type, benefiting the advertiser with a valuable customer or lead.

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